Our company

Formerly known as Studio Italia Design, Lodes completed a rebranding process in June 2020 - on the occasion of its 70th anniversary - which culminated with the presentation of the new logo.Since then, as part of a strategic vision led by the General Manager Massimiliano Tosetto, Lodes has embarked on a new phase of contemporary design that celebrates the production know-how together with the essence and Made in Italy quality of the company.

Lodes since 1950

Combining technical know-how with the bestMade in Italydesign , the Venetian company Lodes has been designing and producing interior and exterior lighting solutions since 1950. Born from the passion for glass of the founder Angelo Tosetto, and guided by the constant technological research, the company has become one of the leading European designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, currently active in 90 markets around the world.


Today Lodes represents an evolutionary path, through three generations, from pure passion to the most surprising architectural solutions, thanks to light sources in which contemporary design and cutting-edge technology are integrated with the highest quality materials, expertly developed with the best processing techniques.Studio Italia Design was selected as one of the most dynamic Italian companies according to the “Champions of growth 2020” survey, as well as in 2021, published in “Affari & Finanza” of La Repubblica.


Discover the fundamental ingredients that define us and make our company unique.


At Lodes, we question everything

What is  DESIGN?

Design is no longer a factor of uniqueness: it has become a prerequisite for high quality products. Good design, and good designers, have the responsibility to facilitate the relationship between products and users, between forms and experiences.

More than the design itself,  my style counts.

At Lodes, we question everything

What is  BEAUTY?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", right? Then it is the viewer who relates to a product who decides what is beautiful. The beauty of a product today is intrinsically linked to the pleasure and gratification that this product can give, to the way in which its characteristics adapt to the needs and tastes of its users.

More than beauty, the theme is  I love it!

At Lodes , we question everything

What is the  FUNCTION?

An impulse, a reaction. In a space of ever-changing liquid social relations, is a direct functional relationship possible? Liquid relationships require repertoires of versatile and adaptable functional elements, right away. Relevant impulses, my reaction. Processes and cutting-edge technology are merely functional data.

More than function, solutions are sought.

At Lodes , we question everything

What is the  PRICE?

The price buys a certain amount. But, can the price buy the positive experience of achieving a pleasant goal without interruption and reliving the satisfaction of a rewarding result over and over again? Personally, this is priceless.

It's more a question of  value  than price.

One thing we do not question

It is the luxury of eliminating any redundancy, from concept to production and delivery.Because Lodes is a question of meanings, not of frills.

Relevant solutions

Our rosettes are functional solutions and at the same time differentiating decorative elements for hanging or wall lamps.The variety of our range of rosettes offers a myriad of possibilities for customizing living, domestic and public spaces.

LED technology

We offer mains voltage and low voltage LED modules , efficient solutions that we design and manufacture to effectively deliver the same quality of light as halogen bulbs.

TheColor Rendering Index(CRI) is the value that measures the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of an object.All of our LED light sources offer CRI equal to or greater than 90, which returns the natural color of objects.

The color temperature of the light is expressed in degrees Kelvin and corresponds to the hue emitted by the light source. With 2700K or 3000K, our LEDs provide a warm and emotional light.

All of our LED sources provide the same color quality of light . The color variations fall within the 3rd step of the MacAdam ellipse and are imperceptible to the human eye, which means that different lamps can be harmoniously combined in the same environment.

The efficiency of a light source is calculated by dividing the number of lumens by the number of watts (lm ⁄ W). The efficiency of our LED modules translates into energy savings.

The long life of LED light sources can save maintenance and replacement costs compared to bulbs.